Bob Nienhouse’s Michigan Loader

Bob Nienhouse’s Michigan Loader Bob Nienhouse’s Michigan Loader

Edgar Black’s John Deer 1050

Roland, Got everything finished up late yesterday afternoon. It is absolutely amazing how well the tractor steers now! It was practically impossible to turn the wheels when the tractor was stopped but with your steering unit i can use one finger and turn the wheels all day long! It was too late in the day […]

Edgar Black’s John Deer 1050 Edgar Black’s John Deer 1050

Joe Martin’s IH 300u

Hi Roland, just letting you know I finally got around to installing the power steering on the 300u and it works great.  It’s like a whole different tractor and I just wanted to say thanks. – Joe Martin

Joe Martin’s IH 300u Joe Martin’s IH 300u

Joel Wittenmeyer’s 860

This my Ford 860.  Still working hard at 57 years old!  The power steering is so nice to have! Joel Wittenmeyer Bitfrost Farms

Joel Wittenmeyer’s 860 Joel Wittenmeyer’s 860

Darwin Zweig’s 861

“You’ll never regret it!.” Moving dirt and stones with the loader bucket, backing a trailer or cutting with a rotary mower are now a breeze. I know plowing snow will be half the effort it used to be. Darwin Zwieg

Darwin Zweig’s 861 Darwin Zweig’s 861

Scott Pinkham’s 841

At 80 years old, my dad was having trouble steering his tractor. Now it really does steer with one finger! And having power steering makes it so much more maneuverable in the woods. It is very easy to quickly turn tight corners around stumps and rocks.

Scott Pinkham’s 841 Scott Pinkham’s 841

Dom’s Ford 1841

Dear Mr.Jackson, I just wanted to thank you for your help getting my old Ford 1841 up and running.  I should say steering !!!!   This Tractor has set for 2 years in my barn.  We have not stopped using since I put the JPS unit in. Thanks again for all your help !!! You guys […]

Dom’s Ford 1841 Dom’s Ford 1841

Mike Paulini’s IH 300 Utility

Hey Roland, just wanna let you know that i got the steering system installed and complete, Holy Cow is the first thing that comes to mind, my 300U is like an entirely new tractor!  Your installation instructions were was spot on and made the job pretty darn simple. She steers smoother than a car and this […]

Mike Paulini’s IH 300 Utility Mike Paulini’s IH 300 Utility

John McDaniel’s 8N

“Thanks for the great system and the great service!” -John McDaniel

John McDaniel’s 8N John McDaniel’s 8N

Jeff Bockoven’s 601 Ford

Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with your equipment. I picked up the tractor on Wed. the 3rd and was amazed at the ease of turning. I turned on a dime and got 7 cents back. WOW what a difference. Just thought you’d like to hear some good news! […]

Jeff Bockoven’s 601 Ford Jeff Bockoven’s 601 Ford

Clyde Younce’s 600 Ford

Mr. Jackson, Finally got the steering on. It is great!!! Sincerely, Clyde Younce

Clyde Younce’s 600 Ford Clyde Younce’s 600 Ford

Merle Hughes’ Ford 800

Roland, Just wanted to say thanks, you have a great product! We had no problems with the install at all. I had already made the power steering pump brackets last week (though I redesigned them today), so we had a headstart, but we still were able to make quick work of it. We started around […]

Merle Hughes’ Ford 800 Merle Hughes’ Ford 800

Tim Kuntson’s 850 Ford

“I want to state emphatically that this was the best ‘accessory’ I have purchased for my Ford 850.” -Tim Knutson Tim wrote all about his experience installing the JPS kit on his tractor here on his website, and posted more pictures here.

Tim Kuntson’s 850 Ford Tim Kuntson’s 850 Ford

Ralph Bruning’s 861 Ford

Mr. Bruning is a 92 year young farmer that still farms!  He brought  his tractor to me for power steering.  It was an honor to build steering for his tractor and to watch him steer it for the first time with  JPS power steering.  He didn’t have to say a word…the grin on his face said it […]

Ralph Bruning’s 861 Ford Ralph Bruning’s 861 Ford

Allen Waddell’s 8N Funk Conversion

Allen Waddell’s tractor was the first 8N Funk to receive a Jackson Power Steering Unit.  As you can see, Allen is enjoying steering his 8n with Wagner loader into a pile of dirt.  Thanks to Allen for an interesting picture.

Allen Waddell’s 8N Funk Conversion Allen Waddell’s 8N Funk Conversion

Pinzgauer Swiss Army Vehicle

One of the most enjoyable projects for me was installing power steering on a Pinzgauer Swiss Army Vehicle.  Craig Sanders of  Texas Pinzgauer ( contacted me to ask if I was up to installing steering on one of his customers Pinzgauers.  I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.  So, the Pinzgauer was delivered and I ended […]

Pinzgauer Swiss Army Vehicle Pinzgauer Swiss Army Vehicle

Duraine Davis’s Oliver 550

Roland, I hope the picture arrived, I am not great at this electronic stuff.  I grew up in the 1950’s on Olivers that my dad owned without powersteering.   Now, I can drive this with great ease, I have a bad arm and shoulder due to  polio and have to do every thing with one hand and […]

Duraine Davis’s Oliver 550 Duraine Davis’s Oliver 550

750 John Deere

I purchased this JD 750 to design and build a power steering kit for it.  Which, I accomplished.

750 John Deere 750 John Deere

Roland Jackson’s Ford NAA

 This is my NAA that I have owned for over 30 years.  It was the very first tractor to have a Jackson Power Steering Unit installed.  That was in 1999 and ten years later and much hard use, the steering unit is still as good as the day I installed it.  Of course, since that […]

Roland Jackson’s Ford NAA Roland Jackson’s Ford NAA

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JPS Launches New Site

April 29 2009

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Bob Nienhouse’s Michigan Loader

Satisfied Customers

Bob Nienhouse’s Michigan Loader

November 06 2014

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