Andy Detering’s Crop Dusting Loader

Last year, Andy Deterding of Andy Deterding Ag Aviation ( contacted me about using one of my JPS hydrostatic steering units to maneuver a truck mounted loading spout so he could safely fill his crop dusting airplanes with dry fertilizer. This would be Andy’s fifth fertilizer loading unit that he has built….the first using the JPS hydrostatic steering control unit to maneuver the truck’s loading spout.
He was building what he called a “Loader” which consisted of a truck mounted with a dry Fertilizer tank, used to quickly and easily load fertilizer into a crop spraying plane. He wanted to make the loading spout maneuverable so he wouldn’t risk damage when backing the nurse truck up to the plane during the filling process.


So after he and I discussing the possibilities, he decided to move forward with the project in which he was successful in building.  I am attaching pictures of the loader truck, he and his crew built using the JPS hydrostatic steering control unit.  And also a video of the loading process from nurse truck to crop dusting airplane.

This year, Andy decided to build another loader truck, so he contacted me for a JPS Hydrostatic Steering Control Unit with steering components.
One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is thinking out of the box to build useful products by adapting them with the steering components that I have.  I think you will agree that Andy came up with a novel idea to safely fill his crop dusting airplanes!

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