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img438eade42bf38Our main business is providing power steering upgrades to older Ford tractors with loaders. (The loader pump is used to power the steering unit.)

First of all, our power steering units are “true” power steering….not power assist. They are built very tough with the same, modern steering control units that are used in new equipment all over the world.

To assure long life to your tractor’s steering system, we have placed a steering cylinder (1-1/2″ bore with a 3/4″ rod) on each side of the tractor. Both cylinders work together to give you a smooth and trouble free turn every time regardless of the load on the tractor’s front wheels. The cylinders are attached to your tractor by heavy drag link brackets, which require no drilling or welding on your tractor.

img438eae1fdbbafOur steering units require only two full turns of the steering wheel to move the front wheels from extreme right to extreme left….which is the way your tractor came from the factory. Only now, you can turn from extreme right to extreme left, fast and effortlessly, in 2 to 3 seconds. Your tractor’s loader pump is used to power the steering control unit. We use a Priority Flow Valve to direct the correct amount of hydraulic fluid to both the steering unit and to the loader. A hydraulic filter is included to assure your new steering unit gets only clean hydraulic oil.

A feature that we are very proud of on our power steering unit is the installation design. The unit can be installed with the least amount of modification to your tractor. All of our mounting brackets are designed to use the original bolt locations as much as possible. If you should ever want to return your tractor to it’s original condition, all you have to do is remove the power steering unit and replace the original parts. There are no permanent modifications to deal with.

img438eae42caa49We want you to have an enjoyable installation, so we’ve taken great pains to write the directions in plain English, with lots of pictures to guide you through the installation with the least amount of trouble.

What would your tractor look like after installation?  The pictures are of an 841 Powermaster with the JPS unit installed.


img43912605975fbJackson Power Steering offers hydrostatic power steering for the Oliver Super 55 and the Oliver 550.

The ‘add-on’ JPS unit is designed to give many years of trouble free service. The unit uses the front mounted loader pump to power the hydrostatic steering unit. Two strong steering cylinders are used on each side to the tractor that work together to steer the tractor…one pushing while the other is pulling. When installed, the tractor can be steered with the palm of the hand…regardless of speed of the engine or the load on the loader. The JPS steering unit is designed to look factory built…out of sight…doing its work inconspicuously.

The steering unit is very easy to install using regular hand tools and can be bolted up using the same original bolt locations. There will be no need to alter the tractor by drilling or welding.

img439126737c846To install the JPS steering unit, one would remove the original steering wheel, steering column and the steering worm gear. The JPS unit bolts directly to the original steering gear box. The steering cylinders are attached to the radius rods and drag rods by the use of special sturdy clamp brackets. A hydraulic filter is included in the kit to keep the oil clean in the steering system. The steering unit gets its power from a special priority valve that divides the flow from the pump, giving the steering control unit all the fluid it needs…then sends the rest of the hydraulic flow to the loader. This allows the steering to be the same regardless of speed of the engine…or load on the loader. The steering system is protected from high pressure by a unique built in pressure relief valve located within the priority flow valve.

The steering unit kit includes a JPS steering wheel, steering column, steering control unit with bracket, left and right steering cylinders with mounting assemblies, a hydraulic filter and mounting base, a priority flow valve and hoses and fittings from the steering control unit to the steering cylinders. Easy to read instructions are provided with descriptive pictures. Also there is unlimited factory support if needed.

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At Jackson Power Steering our main goal is to provide unique power steering retrofits for classic tractors. It's our goal to earn your trust and respect by dealing with you in an honest and straightforward manner. We know that you have a choice in whom you do business with, and we hope that you'll choose us again and again to help you with your tractor retrofits and restoration needs. To order, call 620-357-6546 or email us at sales@jacksonpowersteering.com

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