Torque Generators


Torque generators are the least expensive and one of the simplest steering systems you can install on your tractor or ‘off road’ equipment. (The torque generator isn’t for use for titled, on the road vehicles.)

While the torque generator isn’t for every power steering application, it does an outstanding job where there is at least 9” of exposed steering shaft and the steering gearbox is going to be used. The torque generator is easy to install as the oil from the pump is directed into the “IN”-port of torque generator transmitting torque to output shaft, going to the steering gear box, by turning the input shaft with the steering wheel. From the “OUT”-port, the oil is directed back to the pump reservoir or tank so only two hydraulic hoses are involved in the Torque Generator type of system.

The Torque Generator can be powered several ways. Either by a power steering pump, the internal, or external hydraulic system of your tractor or equipment. It is designed to splice into the steering column so you would need a minimum of 9” of exposed steering shaft to splice in the steering column.

The Torque Generator does have some limitations. It is dependent on a good steering gear box to provide effortless steering. So the Torque Generator may not be the best choice with tractors with loaders and/or equipment with heavy weight on the front axle.

Jackson Power Steering offers two types of torque generators….Both are high torque and we will custom design to work with your application.

  • The first type of torque generator splices into the original steering column and the steering wheel can be used.
  • The other comes with its own steering column (in varied lengths to accommodate any installation application) and steering wheel.

Both types of torque generators are attached to steering input shaft of the steering gear box or other types of steering systems such as the chain and sprocket type. Your torque generator from Jackson Power Steering will be a designed unit to fit your application that comes with service after the sale.

img43911c8407546The picture at right depicts the type of torque generator that would be spliced into the steering column. This type of torque generator is used where there is at least 9 inches of exposed steering column. The original steering wheel is used in this application.

img43911cb2668b6The picture at left shows the type of torque generator comes with its own steering column and steering wheel. The steering column is offered in varied lengths depending on the installation requirements. The output shaft of the torque generator is attached to the input steering column shaft of the steering gear box.

Torque Generators work very well for Industrial Equipment or specialty harvesting equipment were there is a steering gear box or even a more primitive chain and sprocket setup. The torque generator can be used along with a large variety of steering column lengths to fit the application. We design steering systems that will fit your equipment application from road graders to almond harvesters to vegetable cultivators to hunting vehicles.

The following is an example of a typical installation with the Torque Generator spliced into the steering column of off road equipment.


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