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Gayle Brown’s 8N

I really like the power steering unit on my 8N!  I guess you can say anybody can install one, even an 80 year old man.
Gayle Brown


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Dave Gresen’s 8N

Hi Roland , sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but I wanted to give the tractor a good workout before I evaluated it. I was a little concerned the loader might lose some capability. It still has plenty of lifting power. It had too much before anyway. The steering is really effortless, even with a bucket full of damp topsoil. So , I am pleased with the new power steering. At first I was sceptical if it would be worth the time, effort and expense. The added maneuver ability is really great.


Dave Gresen

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Jerry Koehn’s 861

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Luanna Mazuranich’s John Deere 750 Utility

Bruce Mazuranich purchased a JPS Power Steering Kit for his wife’s 750 John Deere Utility Tractor. I was so happy to get this message from Bruce with a “thumbs up” picture of his wife on her John Deere tractor!

The power steering unit was successfully installed on the wife’s tractor. Photo of happy wife is attached.

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Bob Mesenbrink’s 8N

The Jackson Power Steering unit for my Ford 8N was well worth it. It developed some steering problems that had to be dealt with, and after eying this upgrade for years, those issues were the incentive (excuse?) for me to do it. Driving the 8N with the loader was always about steering. Good tires in the front, and weight in the back helped, but with a full loader, steering became a chore. That isn’t a problem now.

I had replaced a few parts behind the dash and under the hood and had redone some of the loader hydraulics on my 8N before, so this was work I felt comfortable with. Roland emailed the pdf instructions before the kit came. Not being in the midst of a farm community, it took me a few stops to find hoses, fittings, pipe sealant, etc. that I needed to customize my installation. Every installation is going to be different.  I built the manifold that would collect the hydraulic oil, send it to the filter, and then into the reservoir. I chose to lubricate the steering gear box with StaLube engine assembly lube, which is a light grease, similar to the corn head grease that is often used, and available in auto parts stores.

When the kit came, it was pretty straight forward installing the steering and diverter valves. I connected the hoses paying close attention to where each went. The only hitch I had was when I went to attach the rear steering cylinder brackets to radius rods. These are the large fixed rods on each side that go to the front axles. The brackets did not fit around the rods. But it turns out that my tractor has oversized radius rods from a Ford 300 tractor that are a little beefier than the stock 8N. Fortunately, Roland was able to ship larger brackets which worked like a charm. I had to play around with positioning some so that the steering didn’t rub against the loader cylinders in low position. The big issue was that my loader wasn’t on straight, so once that was resolved, attaching the cylinders was easy.

Obviously steering is easier now. I was happy to play around with the steering and loader and find that they both could work at the same time. The loader may be a bit slower now in general, but in a good way. I suppose a bigger pump might be necessary in some cases, but in my case, the existing pump was probably oversized for the loader, and is now about right. Overall, I really happy with my power steering. It’s going to last for years. Roland was very helpful, and available by email and phone when I needed him.

Bob Mesenbrink

Arvada, Colorado

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Howard Sanders’ John Deere 850


Attached is a picture of my John Deere 850.  With the deck and engine weight on the front tires it was very hard to turn..  Now it is a single finger operation.  This is a great product, even my JD dealer was impressed.


Howard Sanders

Angola, IN

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Norm Kolb’s Ford 861


I finished the installation of the power steering kit on my Ford 861 yesterday, and it works perfectly.  I spent quite a lot of time on it, mostly because I am a slow worker and spend a lot of time finding misplaced tools, backing out of mistakes, etc.  I also spent some time planning the installation so that I would be satisfied with it after it was done, and dealt with a number of other issues while I had the tractor apart.  After it was done, I felt the results are worth all the trouble.  I appears that I will have to do something about my hydraulic pump eventually, since it probably isn’t putting out its rated flow.  At idle, there is barely enough excess flow to lift the bucket.  At operating speed, the loader is slower than it was, but sufficient for now.

I’ve attached some pictures in case you are interested.  The picture of the whole tractor was taken some time before I started putting on the power steering, and the others show how I ended up mounting the flow controller.  The flow controller is mounted on a platform that was added by a previous owner for a control valve to control implements.  I T’d into the tank port from the loader controls to accommodate the return from the flow controller and the steering control, which made use of the existing filter.  I replaced the cartridge with a 20 micron version of the standard cartridge, although the supplied cartridge will also fit.  The rest is standard stuff I imagine.  One thing I have not done is to bolt the rear of the cowling to the steering controller mounting bracket on each side.  The cowling seems secure enough as it is, and I would rather not drill for the bolts, but the cowling did originally bolt to the steering box assembly.  Do other customers do this, and do you think it is necessary?

I came to appreciate the engineering you put into the system, as all the parts fit and the steering action couldn’t be better.  I hope to get a lot of use out of it for the next couple of decades.



Norm Kolb


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Andy Detering’s Crop Dusting Loader

Last year, Andy Deterding of Andy Deterding Ag Aviation ( contacted me about using one of my JPS hydrostatic steering units to maneuver a truck mounted loading spout so he could safely fill his crop dusting airplanes with dry fertilizer. This would be Andy’s fifth fertilizer loading unit that he has built….the first using the JPS hydrostatic steering control unit to maneuver the truck’s loading spout.
He was building what he called a “Loader” which consisted of a truck mounted with a dry Fertilizer tank, used to quickly and easily load fertilizer into a crop spraying plane. He wanted to make the loading spout maneuverable so he wouldn’t risk damage when backing the nurse truck up to the plane during the filling process.


So after he and I discussing the possibilities, he decided to move forward with the project in which he was successful in building.  I am attaching pictures of the loader truck, he and his crew built using the JPS hydrostatic steering control unit.  And also a video of the loading process from nurse truck to crop dusting airplane.

This year, Andy decided to build another loader truck, so he contacted me for a JPS Hydrostatic Steering Control Unit with steering components.
One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is thinking out of the box to build useful products by adapting them with the steering components that I have.  I think you will agree that Andy came up with a novel idea to safely fill his crop dusting airplanes!

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Dave Duodeyo’s 8N


I just want to let you know that I have used your power steering for over 8 years on my 48 8n an it has worked flawlessly. Initially I had to beef up the steering rods and mounting brackets but that was expected for what I was using the loader for. Again thank you for a great product that has made using my tractor and loader a dream. Real quality.
Dave Duodeyo

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Jacob Vanator’s NAA

Jacob Vanator NAAMr. Jackson,

I just finished installing my power steering unit, and I just wanted to express my gratitude. The system worked just as you said it would, and I really enjoy the power steering. Thank your your time.


Jacob Vanator

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A Message From Roland Jackson…

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