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Murray Boikoff’s John Deere 950

I sent you some pictures of the tractor we rebuilt. Once again great product. Thanks to you and all your staff.

Murray Boikoff

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Joel Lantz’s Ford 1300

Hello Roland,

Here are a couple shots of my 1300 Ford blowing snow. We are about 4 feet behind normal snowfall at this point-still have had over 3 feet. The power steering unit you made for my tractor works extremely well. It might just save my shoulder from surgery. If you don’t mind, I will give you website to our local tractor place – they could not find any ps units from their sources.

You have made my tractor enjoyable again.


Joel Lantz
Skandia, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

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Bill McCroskey’s Ford

This is what Bill McCroskey had to say about the Jackson Power Steering unit that he installed on his newly restored Ford Tractor.  As you can see, he made his tractor new again and power steering was a welcome upgrade. Bill sent me this picture of his Ford tractor helping install a pickup bed for a friend.  Here are some of his comments.

Please feel free to post. I am happy to have known you and you helped me get started on my project with your experience and knowledge. I use the loader all the time and don’t know how I moved and loaded stuff before as I keep the forks on most of the time.  I attached a picture of the Ford moving a flatbed that I am integrating a bale mover into for my farmer friend thought you might enjoy.

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Pat McGroder’s Ford 850

Having so much fun on the tractor this week I forgot to email you with the outcome.

Power steering works like a charm. Thanks for your help on the phone.I will definitely recommend your systems to anybody that asks.

Thanks again,

Pat McGroder

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860 Ford

Recently, I installed Power Steering on an 860 Ford tractor.  This particular tractor came with factory power steering.  However, the steering quit working and the owner took off the steering cylinders and tried to steer it manually…which was almost impossible to do. So, I converted the JPS steering cylinders to accommodate the original drag rod that came out with all of the factory power steering tractors.  And I used an automotive power steering pump to power the steering unit.  I am pleased to report that the steering is effortless now…and this 860 Ford runs like a dream!  Only thing left is a paint job to get it all prettied up!  Owner is a happy camper!

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Fred Allen’s IH 300U

Dear Mr. Jackson,

Thanks for all the help with my 300. I am very happy with the power steering.

All the best,

Fred Allen

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Lynn Phillips’ 1980 John Deere 1050

Lynn Phillips 1980 JD 1050One finger power steering is awesome! Thanks so much, Roland.

Lynn Phillips

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John Cherven’s 8N

It was enjoyable to build a power steering kit for John Cherven’s 8N Ford Tractor with Wagner Loader. I am so proud of the detailed restoration! I think everyone will agree, John, you did a great job on your 8N Ford!

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Doug Brinkerhoff’s 8N

Doug Brinkerhoff contacted me regarding power steering for his 8N that his grandfather bought in 1950.  This family heirloom has been passed down several generations and now it is Doug’s turn to own it!  Doug sent me a picture, as a kid, standing in front of the 8N.  He was two years old and the year was 1963.

Doug has restored his 8N, placed a loader on it…and, of course, added a Jackson Power Steering unit. Doug writes, “Roland, thanks for all your help with this!”

I want to thank Doug for sending me the pictures with his kind comments.  It gives me so much pleasure to know that I have helped make a family heirloom, such as Doug’s 8N, useable and to know that it will be passed down to generations to come!

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Jim Gerhardson’s ’56 Ford 850

Hey Roland, I am finished with the power steering unit and absolutely love it!!! Used the ’86 Chevy power steering pump and standard hoses from Fleet Farm. I did have to have one hose made at our John Deere Dealer for the pressure line from the pump to the control unit but besides that, everything was very easy and simple to do. I painted the kit besides the hoses and is barely noticeable as an aftermarket unit. I appreciate all the help and look forward to getting some work done around the farmstead. I am the 4th generation to have this tractor since it was new. My great grandfather owned the Ford Implement Dealership in Paynesville, MN and took this tractor straight off the trailer and into his personal shop. My grandfather used the tractor to farm. My father used it logging in college to build his log cabin in Northern Minnesota and originally I used the tractor to start my landscaping company in Fargo, ND. It was the only piece of equipment I had. After 6 years, it was time to retire her from landscaping (I have skid steers for that now) and restore it. All in all I am very happy and can’t believe I waited so long to do this.

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